Meals on Wheels

A nutritious meal is only the start of the value Meals on Wheels can deliver to keep your most vulnerable members healthy. For nearly 50 years, Meals on Wheels has touched the lives of millions of seniors, providing them with the nutrition they need and human contact they desire. Staff and volunteers from the local Meals on Wheels program are the “eyes and ears” in the homes of your most at-risk members. Put us to work to observe firsthand any changes in their physical or mental conditions. Can be billed weekly or monthly dependent on how long you will need the service.
Learn more about our services by contacting: Sally Holden, CDM, Meals on Wheels Coordinator

Call: 507-357-2275 

Not just for the elderly or disabled!

Meals on wheels id not limited to the elderly or disabled. Individuals recovering from an acute illness or who are at home recovering from a post hospital stay can also benefit from the convenience of this meal service. Each meal is at a low cost and can be billed on a monthly basis by Central Health Care.
However, you may qualify for an Elderly Waiver Program that covers the meal service cost.
You can obtain more information by contacting Le Sueur County Public Health at 507-357-2251.