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Find out about life at our senior living facility

If you're looking for a senior living facility, you likely want to find a place that offers round-the-clock care and options based on need. Consider Central Health Care. We provide outpatient care and four levels of inpatient care for seniors of all ages.

Outpatient program participants can take advantage of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and psychological therapy through our partnerships with Aegis Therapies and Deer Oaks. Patients who live in our facility participate in exercise classes, art groups and other activities while getting excellent health care.

Create a personalized care plan

Our compassionate staff creates individualized plans of care for every patient. While working with us, you can choose the health, wellness and daily living support that you need or a family member needs. Contact us today to arrange for a meeting with our staff.

Explore our 4 inpatient services

When you talk to our staff, you can ask about the specific level of care you're seeking. We offer several levels of 24/7 inpatient care:

Skilled nursing care: We develop custom plans of care to meet residents' physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs.
Transitional care: We help residents move from one level of care to another. They live in large, private rooms and participate in inpatient therapy and other health care services.
Respite care: We offer assistance to overworked caregivers by providing temporary care.
Hospice care: We provide private hospice rooms and medical care by a compassionate staff.

Additionally, we provide full access to Veterans Affairs services. Call 507-357-2275 now for more information on our inpatient services.

Find Resident-Centered Care for Seniors

We provide inpatient and outpatient care for seniors of all ages